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    Managing Personal Identifiable Information

    Posted 03/21/2017 by Chuck Walker, Senior Advisor, Public Safety Information Management

    PII or Personally Identifiable Information, exists whenever a specific attribute - or a number of attributes combined - create enough information that it becomes identifiable to a specific individual. For example, a single piece of information such as a Social Insurance Number constitutes PII because it is unique to an individual. A piece of biographical information, as a single attribute, may not be enough to constitute PII but certainly the combination of first name, last name, date of birth and gender, for example, are sufficiently to be treated as PII.

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    Tips for Discovering Deceptive Diploma Mills

    Posted 03/15/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    A resume is how potential employers get a first impression of your skills, experiences and qualifications before they meet you in person. Job hunters use a variety of resume types and styles to sell themselves, their education and their past work. However, it has been found that a resume doesn't always tell the truth about a candidate's job or educational experience. With an increasingly competitive job market, applicants are searching for ways to compete with one another and one of the common ways is by padding, embellishing, exaggerating and even downright lying on their resume.

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    Employee Rights: Human Rights in the Workplace

    Posted 03/07/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Canadian human rights laws help promote equality in the workplace and are an integral part of Canadian society. One of the key responsibilities of an employer is to provide a safe, engaging and legally compliant working environment for all employees, including those groups who most need protection. In Part 2 of the employee rights series, Employee Rights: Human Rights in the Workplace, Mark Sward, Director of Privacy at Sterling Talent Solutions discusses Canadian human rights laws and how they affect the background screening industry.

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    Sterling Talent Solutions Wins World HRD Congress Awards

    Posted 03/03/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    We are very excited to announce that Sterling Talent Solutions was recently awarded two awards at the World HRD Congress (WHRDC) in India. Our Mumbai office was presented with the "Fun at Work" Award. This award acknowledges large organizations for the quality and uniqueness of its employee engagement interventions driven by its highly passionate HR team. Manish Kotwani, Vice President of Human Resources, Mumbai, was the recipient of the Most Influential HR Leaders in India. This award was presented by a jury of peers who conduct extensive research on industry recognition and accomplishments of various HR leaders locally and globally. Congratulations to our Mumbai team!

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    Sterling Talent Solutions Wins Global Sales Team of the Year Stevie Award

    Posted 03/01/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    We are very proud to announce that Sterling Talent Solutions was recently awarded a Gold Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service for Global Sales Team of the Year. The Stevie Sales and Customer Service Awards honours the world's best in customer service, contact center, business development and sales professionals. The global sales award categories recognize sales teams whose industry, client or other focus has a global scope. Winning a Stevie Award is a great way to benchmark an organization's achievements against others in the same industry. In 2015, the Sales and Customer Service Award attracted more than 2,100 nominations from more than 30 countries.

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    Employee Rights: Privacy in Canada

    Posted 02/28/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Canadian privacy laws help ensure employees have the knowledge and control of how their personal information is handled. Non-compliance with privacy laws can take a toll on employee relations and put the organization at the risk of a privacy complaint or legal action. Sterling Talent Solutions recently hosted a webinar discussing employee rights in Canada, Employee Rights, Part 1: Privacy in Canada presented by Mark Sward, Director of Privacy at Sterling Talent Solutions.

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    A Case for Inappropriate Vulnerable Sector Verifications Use

    Posted 02/17/2017 by Chuck Walker: Senior Advisor, Public Safety Information Management

    In 2016, I wrote two articles detailing information about the enhanced criminal record check, Vulnerable Sector Verifications (VSV). The first, Rampant Misuse of Vulnerable Sector Verifications in Canada-What Organizations Need to Know, explained what a VSV is to help organizations decide whether they need to use this approach.

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    Five Parallels of Theatre Casting and the Candidate Experience

    Posted 02/10/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    To quote one of the actors trying out for a role in a play in the musical, “A Chorus Line”: “Oh yeah: commercials. I almost got to squeeze a roll of toilet paper, but I lost out in the finals. Isn’t that something? Seventeen years in the business and I end up flunking toilet paper squeeze?

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    In-House Vs Third Party Reference Checks

    Posted 01/25/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    A résumé can only tell you so much about a job candidate. It is great for determining a candidate’s qualifications and experiences, but won’t show how your candidate behaved on the job every day.

  • Sterling Talent Solutions Will Be Attending and Presenting at HRPA 2017

    Posted 01/24/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Sterling Talent Solutions is excited to be a vendor and presenter at the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) Annual Conference and Tradeshow at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Ontario from February 1st to 3rd.

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    Sterling Talent Solutions Will Be at Ontario Camps Association Conference

    Posted 01/19/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Sterling Talent Solutions is excited to be a vendor at the Ontario Camps Association (OCA) Annual Conference at the Hilton-Hotel-Markham in Markham, Ontario January 25th to 27th. The conference brings together camping professionals from Ontario and the world to meet, learn, share ideas, and experiences. OCA attendees will discuss the latest information on a variety of topics including health and safety compliance, hiring and training the best camp staff and how to work with camper and parent anxieties. There are breakout sessions throughout the events with experts encompassing the wide camping spectrum who combine real-world experience with practical takeaways.

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    Culture Corner: 5 Tips For Leading Culture Change

    Posted 01/18/2017 by Julia Mair, CMO

    Over the past two years, we’ve acquired four companies. As a result, our company has more than doubled in size and with this kind of growth comes positive change. We’ve added hundreds of new colleagues, ramped up our technology stack and have rethought our internal processes to ensure customers are getting the best service possible. And while bringing multiple companies together is no easy task, we’ve continued to increase revenue, invest in our technology and create a thriving, sustainable organisation from our robust organic and acquisitive strategy.

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    Spotlighting Our Commitment in 2016

    Posted 01/13/2017 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    Sterling Talent Solutions provides hiring peace of mind by delivering a simpler, smarter background screening experience for employers worldwide. Our comprehensive suite of background screening solutions delivers accurate, reliable results and tools to maintain compliance throughout the hiring cycle. With 19 offices in nine countries, our team of more than 3,900 employees proudly serves over 50,000 customers around the world, including 25% of the Fortune 100!

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    International Criminal Background Checks

    Posted 12/19/2016 by Chuck Walker, Senior Advisor, Public Safety Information Management

    The global economy means that sometimes, the best talent comes to organizations from around the world. Sterling Talent Solutions supports its clients with screening services that include criminal record checks available from 196 countries.

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    The Top Five Blog Posts of 2016

    Posted 12/15/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    As 2016 comes to a close, I find myself asking, "Where did the year go?" Between the meetings, acquisitions and mergers and product updates, we've had a packed year - oftentimes reflected in our company blog. We have shared the exciting news of our merger with TalentWise in the beginning of the year to rebranding our name to Sterling Talent Solutions in June to sharing the latest human resources and background screening industry information all year long. We compiled a list of the top five most popular and highly read blog posts (in no particular order) of the past year just in case you missed them.

  • Sterling Talent Solutions Wins International HR Vendor Awards

    Sterling Talent Solutions Wins International HR Vendor Awards

    Posted 12/08/2016 by Nick Fishman, Vice President of Communications

    We are very excited to announce that Sterling Talent Solutions was recently awarded "Best Background Screening Provider" as part of the 2016 HR Vendors of the Year Awards. Sterling received the silver award for Singapore and Hong Kong and the bronze award for Malaysia. Sterling Talent Solutions began operating out of these offices earlier this year through our acquisition of RISQ Group, giving us a wider presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, including Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong...

  • Screening Across Police Jurisdictions

    Screening Across Police Jurisdictions

    Posted 11/21/2016 by Chuck Walker, Senior Advisor, Public Safety Information Management

    Organizations that rely on local police services for police and criminal record checks know that there can be challenges associated with this approach. If the organization operates across jurisdictions, there is no doubt that those challenges have impacted onboarding operations. The process of onboarding can become fractured, difficult to manage and open to risks with added requirements and a decentralized approach. This month, my blog deals with screening across geographical areas that implicate multiple police jurisdictions.

  • ROI for Background Checks

    Calculating the ROI of Background Checks

    Posted 11/16/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    We have all been there, you are walking around a store and see a great kitchen appliance (or in my case a great sweater) and you think do I really need this? Will it match something else in my closet or will it enhance my culinary skills? Without realizing it, we are calculating the return of the investment of the potential purchase in our heads as we stand staring at the wanted item.

  • Creating a Background Screening Program For a Global Workforce

    Posted 11/10/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Junior Marketing Communications Manager

    The world is becoming a smaller and smaller place. The global economy is bringing on the rise of the global workforce, who can work across borders and at any time. Organizations are seeking out workers in other countries as well as hiring candidates who have lived or worked internationally. Workers with international experience give a distinct advantage to a business while diversifying the workplace and filling in skill gaps.

  • ‘Tis the Season to Be Hiring: Tips for Recruiting Seasonal Workers

    Posted 11/04/2016 by Steve Smith, Director of Sales

    There’s no getting away from it – the festive season is almost upon us. With many businesses experiencing a peak in demand at this time of year, employers will most likely turn to seasonal workers to help them handle the increased workload. However, it’s absolutely vital that you manage any hiring spikes as effectively as possible – otherwise it really won’t be the season to be jolly.

  • The Risks of a Bad Hiring Decision

    Posted 10/26/2016 by Debbie Lamb, Jr. MarComm Manager

    We all know that the hiring process is just that….a process. From recruiting to onboarding a new candidate, there are many key aspects to hiring new personnel. Finding the perfect candidate can be like finding a needle in a haystack, so for lots of employers, it’s tempting to hire these people right away without going through some due diligence or background checks on the applicants.

  • A Conviction Is Not The Same as a Criminal Record

    Posted 10/24/2016 by Chuck Walker, Senior Advisor-Public Safety Information Management

    A candidate declares a conviction for refusing to provide a breath sample, his driver’s abstract reflects this fact and yet, there is no conviction found. Historical media coverage on the internet reveals that an employee was convicted of an indecent act and served a term of probation – but there’s no criminal record anywhere. Organizations ask: “What’s going on? How could this be missed?” They might conclude: “The screening process has failed to work” or “The process can’t be relied upon.”

  • 5 Tips To Creating A Candidate First Experience

    Posted 10/20/2016 by Tommy Marzella, Sr. MarComm Manager

    As a marketer, I’m often thinking about the experience people have with our brand. From our website copy to our product marketing, everything is about telling a story that is engaging, easy to understand and makes us look like a problem-solving hero. But, marketing is far from the only department trying to make our company look like a rock star. In fact, when it comes to our recruiting team, a lot of time is spent thinking about how our candidate’s experience will impact whether or not they choose to come aboard.

  • If You Want to Hire the Best and the Brightest, Start with Your Culture

    Posted 10/18/2016 by Julia Mair, Chief Marketing Officer

    As the Chief Marketing Officer, I spend a good part of every week thinking about our company’s culture – where we are, where we want to go and the journey we have to take to get there. We’re not on a simple journey; we’ve acquired four companies in the past year. On top of merging talent, technology and business processes, we’re also blending cultures while reimagining our vision and commitment to our clients and the larger world.

  • The Importance of Happiness Analytics

    Posted 10/13/2016 by Tommy Marzella, Sr. MarComm Manager

    At one point or another in your career you’re going to ask yourself, “am I happy?” I think about this question a lot – perhaps it’s because I’m part of the Millennial generation, or perhaps it’s because I strive to live the best life I can and happiness is a non-negotiable part of that equation. But, I’m not just asking myself if I’m happy, I’m thinking about the happiness of my team – are they fulfilled with their job? Is there anything I can do to be a better mentor? Are they happy? How can I make them happier?

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