We Believe – and Invest – in Technology

We have a mantra here at Sterling Talent Solutions: automate everything, innovate everywhere.

It’s not that we don’t like humans – we are some of the nicest ones you could meet. But we know that humans are slower than computers and they can be prone to making mistakes. So wherever we can, we buy (and sometimes build) smart technologies that streamline, automate and optimize the way we process and deliver background screening services. We are committed to a continuous cycle of investment, implementation and optimization because we believe that imagination plus technology can yield amazing results for our clients and our employees.

Below are just a couple of ways that we use technology to deliver a better background check experience.

eConsent: Power to the Candidate

Our pioneering eConsent platform was developed to enable candidates to submit real time information in a single user-friendly and secure online environment. This system even allows for people giving references to interact directly with us online, reducing the turnaround time from up to five days to just 36 hours. Where most screening companies rely on slow, manual processes, our technology simplifies the application process and significantly reduces turnaround times.

Access Everything: Comprehensive Screening Platform

Our safe, friendly platform unifies your candidate orders and data into a single workflow that can be accessed from anywhere and lets you easily place orders, manage tasks, monitor status and view candidate records. Highly secure and regularly updated to meet evolving compliance standards, you can manage the most complex screening program seamlessly, including criminal background checks, verifications, references, etc.