SterlingONE Now Provides Easy Screening

Posted Monday, January 29th, 2018 by Debbie Lamb, Sterling Talent Solutions

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SterlingONE Now Provides Easy Screening

Employee screening can be complex and time-consuming. With regulatory landscapes and the need to get good candidates in the door faster-streamlined, agile technology and processes are a daily requirement. Sterling Talent Solutions offers solutions that are designed to meet the screening needs of your company. Product essentials-including criminal background checks and education, employment and credential verifications-combined with improved streamlined client and candidate experiences, Sterling has the hiring process covered end to end.

SterlingONE Brings Ease to Background Screening

Sterling Talent Solutions is excited to announce the launch of SterlingONE in Canada. This cloud-based platform allows employers to streamline, automate and optimize how they process and deliver their background screening solutions, while seamlessly guiding candidates throughout their hiring experience. The result is a simpler, more intuitive global screening platform that delivers a better experience for employers while getting new hires in the door faster and more efficiently.

Our proprietary technology platform, SterlingONE, unifies job candidate orders and data into a single, unified workflow so organizations can easily place orders, manage tasks, monitor status and view candidate records. The platform streamlines the workflow to enhance the client and candidate experience. SterlingONE is highly secure and regularly updated to meet the ever-changing compliance standards allowing our clients to manage their background screening programs seamlessly.

“Canadian users of SterlingONE can expect a more streamlined, user-friendly interface that allows them to fulfill their screening requirements quickly and efficiently from one central location,” said Dillana Lim, Chief Product Officer at Sterling Talent Solutions. “Plus, SterlingONE offers a mobile responsive candidate experience with anywhere, anytime mobile access, providing the ease and flexibility that candidates expect.”

Robust Capabilities Within a Centralized Platform

Sterling’s hiring solutions will give HR professionals peace of mind that they are making the correct hiring decisions. The SterlingONE platform brings together new global capabilities and essential Canadian products –creating a seamless, unified screening platform for our clients. SterlingONE features:

  • Simple Centralized Platform: A simple, centralized platform unifies your candidate orders and results into a single workflow.
  • Mobile Responsive: Our mobile responsive interface enables anytime, anywhere access on any device for candidates on-the-go with minimal resizing, panning and scrolling. The candidate portal empowers candidates to move through the hiring process while on-the-go, which helps enable faster time-to-hire and a positive brand experience.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Enhanced reporting delivers easily accessible, comprehensive reports so you can monitor your program and track background screening results quickly and efficiently. Improved reporting and monitoring help recruiters move candidates through the hiring process as fast and efficiently as possible.
  • Expanded Local Support: Expanded local support that includes Canadian French delivers a better experience for you and your candidates.
  • Promote Compliance: Fast, thorough background checks with built-in workflows to promote regional compliance helps remove the complexity and improve efficiency.

Sterling’s Commitment to Compliance

Sterling has an ongoing commitment to compliance. To be compliant with human rights and privacy laws, we continuously perform updates on SterlingONE to give a better overall user experience as well as be in line with the latest regulation changes. Organizations who are concerned that they might not be in compliance with provincial or federal guidelines should review their current screening policies and talk to legal counsel. Companies should take action to comply with the regulations by having a third-party employment screening company and having legal counsel that is up-to-date on these changes.

SterlingONE delivers greater efficiency throughout the hiring process with exceptional cloud technology and customer service. Sterling strives every day to improve and simplify the client and candidate experience for background screening. We want to maximize the hiring workflow efficiency for both candidates and employers. The SterlingONE platform provides a set of the most commonly-requested Canadian screening products, adapted from Sterling’s Canadian platform, BackCheck. Built with the ever-changing compliance requirements in mind, these core products in Canada include Criminal Record Check, Canadian Identity Cross-Check, Canadian Driver Abstract, Employment, Education, and Credential Verification, Reference Check, and Canadian Credit Bureau Inquiry.

Learn more about how to transform your company’s hiring process to improve the candidate experience on Sterling Talent Solutions website. To take your background screening to the next level, call us now at 866-881-2011!