Financial Services In today’s regulatory environment, financial institutions have to be hyper vigilant in their compliance and hiring efforts. That’s why some of the world’s top banks, brokerage houses, private equity firms, insurance companies and other financial services institutions rely on Sterling Talent Solutions’ comprehensive background screening solutions to screen and hire top talent.

By partnering with Sterling Talent Solutions, financial service organizations can:

  • Reduce exposure to fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing, embezzlement and other risks
  • Improve transaction, M&A, underwriting and Know Your Customer due diligence
  • Expand pre-employment screening to include OSFI compliance checks as well as credit checks
  • Implement a comprehensive screening program at both the national and branch level with ordering and reporting systems designed for the largest scale
  • Screen both Canadian and international applicants, thanks to fully global screening capabilities that extend to 192 countries

As consumers become more aware of security threats and identity theft, it is increasingly important for firms in the financial sector to thoroughly screen their employment candidates. Poor credit histories, records of fraud or theft, and substandard work performance are commonly revealed during the background check process.

For Financial Services Organizations, Sterling’s Screening Services Include: