Staffing Industry

For staffing agencies and recruitment firms, time-to-hire is a critically important metric and a major factor in success. Sterling Talent Solutions helps staffing companies deliver the best global talent to their clients sooner with fast, flexible pre-employment screening services.

By partnering with Sterling Talent Solutions, your talent organization can:

  • Screen any number of job candidates quickly and affordably based on your clients’ criteria
  • Ensure you receive the industry’s most complete, accurate screening results
  • Maintain confidentiality and compliance
  • Enjoy fast turnarounds – up to 70% of criminal checks are completed same day

A Dedicated Staffing Team

Sterling Talent Solutions has an experienced team dedicated solely to helping staffing industry partners optimize their employment screening programs. Through years of service to top staffing agencies and recruitment firms, Sterling Talent Solutions has developed best practices and proprietary methodologies to better meet the unique challenges and time constraints of the industry.

For Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Companies, Sterling’s Screening Services Include: