Faster Turnaround Times and More Reliable Data

The eConsent platform was developed as part of Sterling Talent Solutions’s continued investment in technology and innovation. This unique system allows candidate’s to submit real time information in a single user-friendly and secure environment online, simplifying the application process and significantly reducing turnaround times.

By working closely with each of our clients to develop a series of mandatory fields relevant to their requirements, the eConsent system ensures we get the right information the first time from the candidate, thereby minimizing delays to start a check. Evidence suggests that when candidates fill out eConsent from home they take the time to provide thorough information, minimizing the need to refer to clients for additional information.

By giving references the option to interact with us online or by telephone, and combining this with the speed of candidate submission through eConsent, we’ve seen reference turnaround time drop from up to 5 days down to around 36 hours.

How eConsent Works

Login to Sterling Talent Solutions’s secure website to initiate a background check. Simply provide Sterling Talent Solutions with basic information about your candidate (their name and email address) and select a service package.

Your candidate receives an email invitation to complete their online consent form. From anywhere, your candidate can complete consent forms.

eConsent creates an online document replicating our paper consent forms, which Sterling Talent Solutions receives instantaneously and can begin the screening process.

Paperless, convenient and simple!