Complement a Background Check with a Credit Bureau Inquiry

Many positions require employees to handle cash, credit, or other sensitive information. Credit bureau inquiries have long been a standard tool in pre-employment screening; they are an effective investigative tool that can raise red flags that you might not find elsewhere.

An employment credit inquiry offers valuable insights into an applicant’s sense of responsibility and financial track record. These considerations weigh strongly when hiring for financial services organizations and retail companies or for positions of fiscal responsibility.

A good credit check is also an important consideration for property owners performing Tenant Screening.

Reveal Payment History and More

A credit inquiry is a search based on the applicant’s credit history, which may reveal inconsistent payment histories, bankruptcies, legal action, and collections. In addition, a credit inquiry includes all the benefits of our Identity-Cross-Check. The credit inquiry does not affect your candidate’s credit score.

With the added value of Identity-Cross-Check, this service has proven itself useful for clients time and time again, as it catches candidates attempting to manipulate the system by providing a fake name or date-of-birth. When our credit bureau inquiries are ordered in conjunction with a criminal record check, Sterling Talent Solutions is able to uncover additional candidate aliases, increasing the number of candidate criminal records discovered by over 30%.