Fast, Thorough Employment History Checks

You need a background screen to know whether the image your candidate presents is valid. According to recent studies, between 46% and 53% of all resumes contain errors and falsehoods. With a tight job market and strong competition for every opening, job seekers often feel a compelling need to meet all the requirements in the job description – even if it means bending the truth or outright lying.  

Sterling Talent Solutions’ employment verifications team collect factual information about your candidate’s work history directly from Human Resources and Payroll. We compare your candidate’s employment claims with what was documented in their personnel file and alert you of discrepancies.

Rely on Sterling Talent Solutions for:

  • Unbiased information directly from Payroll or Human Resources
  • Identification of gaps in a resume or job application
  • Comparison with information obtained through reference interviews
  • Compliance with industry requirements and guidelines
  • A consistent, auditable process
  • Online, real-time results within 2 to 3 business days

We act as an extension of your HR Department so you can dedicate time to other important issues. Our proprietary database of employment verification policies reduces turnaround time as we know who to contact, how to contact them and when to expect results.

Every day, clients rely on Sterling Talent Solutions to obtain fast, accurate results and deliver them as soon as they are available. Employment Verifications are relatively inexpensive and offer a significant investigative value as the results can be cross-referenced with reference checks.

Education Verification

Unfortunately, inflating education credentials is a common practice. Sterling Talent Solutions offers education verification services that dates of attendance, course or study, degree or credential received and the date the degree or credential was awarded. This may include GED, high school diploma, college or advanced degrees.