Investigate further with Sterling Talent Solutions’ most comprehensive Canadian criminal screening product!

The Enhanced Police Information Check (E-PIC) was created to provide Sterling Talent Solutions clients with an unprecedented scope of conviction and selected non-conviction information. Managers using E-PIC in support of their hiring decisions can be assured they are receiving a thorough and consistent criminal screening process for each and every applicant.

The E-PIC Consists Of Two Components:

  • Criminal Record Check (CRC) – a search of adult convictions held within the RCMP National Repository of Criminal Records.
  • Local Police Information (LPI) – searches of additional conviction and selected non-conviction information which may be relevant within both national and local police data sources.

Additional information that may be discovered through this in-depth search includes:

  • Charges
  • Warrants
  • Peace Bonds
  • Prohibition Orders
  • Release Conditions
  • Probation Orders
  • Summary Convictions
  • Recent Convictions not yet registered in the National Repository.

The Most Comprehensive Criminal Screening Product

All checks are conducted by Sterling Talent Solutions’ Canadian police partner. To be consistent with best practices, and compliant with recent applicable privacy and human rights guidelines, unfounded information and information types not relevant to the employment-screening process are not considered.

Turnaround Time: Sterling Talent Solutions’ E-PIC will be completed on average within one business day.

Please note: If any potential Local Police Information is located the applicant will be referred to their local police service for further assistance. Sterling Talent Solutions is not privy to the content of any locally held records. Only the applicant’s local police service is able to review any information located and provide it to the candidate if it is deemed RELEASABLE and RELEVANT to the position sought.