Sterling Talent Solutions supplies high quality background checks to companies across Canada. Our clients know who they are hiring, and have invested in a background checking program to ensure that the service providers that visit your home or office have been background screened. The Verifiable ID Badge program lets our clients prove that they have selected safe, honest and reliable employees.

Start with Verifiable ID Badges:

  • After completing a background check, your employee is given an ID badge.
  • Our ID badges contain the employee’s name, photo and a unique Sterling Talent Solutions serial number.
  • From any internet connection, your customers can instantly verify that a badge is real and valid.

Use Sterling Talent Solutions to build trust with your customers:

  • Talk about your investment in background checks on your website. Place this icon on your website
  • Ask us for an online profile that highlights your commitment to know who you’re hiring

If you would like to test the system, we invite you to verify our sample applicant’s information by entering the information from the badge below. (Note: please allow pop-ups in your web browser).

Verifiable ID Badge Sample